About Frank Pinto...

The most important thing to Frank was family. His children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, nieces and nephews were his priority and among his greatest joys in life…but to Frank, the word “family” did not stop with blood or marriage. His love was extended to anyone who was fortunate enough to know him. Whether you met him once or you spent years around him, you just felt it…his care, his affection, his genuine love for his fellow man. Everyone was equal in his eyes, and everyone he met was deserving of his love. He would give you the shirt off his back, or his last dollar, and many times he did just that, expecting nothing in return.


Frank served nearly 30 years with the North Bergen Police Department where he achieved the rank of Detective and was honored with countless awards for his outstanding work throughout his distinguished career. He was a life time member of the New Jersey State PBA and Honor Legion, serving as President and State Delegate of North Bergen PBA Local 18, Vice President of the FOP Lodge #46, Vice Chair of the Hudson County Conference Police Board, and created the first ever Bullet Proof Vest fund for the North Bergen Police Department. During his career and into his retirement, he was a proud supporter of the Special Olympics, where he served on the State Board and spent many years working hands-on with many young athletes, teaching them that no matter what situation you are in, with hard work and diligence, anything is possible. This idea is one that Frank steadfastly believed and proved to be true over his lifetime.


Frank’s retirement from law enforcement only empowered him to increase his volunteer work and dedicate even more of his time to helping others. He began volunteering for various organizations to give back to the community. The Secaucus Integrity House was one place that he dedicated much of his time and devoted himself to helping those affected by drug and alcohol addiction overcome their disease. Here he offered not only his time but also his unconditional love and acceptance as he served as a mentor and friend to many that were left alone with no support system. Sometimes, Frank’s loyalty and respect were the only things he could offer…but someone believing in you is a powerful thing, and Frank genuinely believed that no matter what your disabilities might be, what disadvantages you might be facing, or what mistakes you may have made in life, you can overcome them. No matter how many times you may stumble, he would not judge you, and you never ran out of chances with him. As he would often say, “I can’t fight the fight for you, but I will fight with you.” Frank’s loyalty is what made him different than most. You knew that you could rely on him, without a doubt; he would never turn his back on you.


In addition to all of his other passions, perhaps the organization that Frank held most dear to his heart was the Kiwanis Club, whose founding motto was “Service Brings Its Own Reward,” a fitting description that Frank wholeheartedly believed in. Frank served many years as President of the Secaucus Kiwanis Club, as well as Lieutenant Governor of the district. Through his work with Kiwanis International, he found a way to serve his community on an even larger scale. He and the organization reached out to underprivileged children and local families struck by tragedy and regularly supported those in need in the community with food baskets, clothing, school supplies, and care packages. Through the Kiwanis Club, he also participated in many local events and became a staple of the community; a face you could expect to see and a voice that you could expect to hear at all community events.


Frank was named Hudson County’s Man of the year and named an Everyday Hero for Community Service by the Jersey Journal. He also shared Secaucus Unico’s Man of the Year Award with life-long friend and mentor David Toma. Together, over the span of more than 40 years, Frank and David worked tirelessly as crusaders against drug and alcohol addiction. They collaborated with dozens of schools and facilities to educate adults, teens, and children about the dangers of drug abuse, and provided unconditional support to individuals and families in need. Together, they saved innumerable lives and positively impacted the lives of countless others through education, guidance, and recovery efforts for those affected by drug and alcohol abuse.


Frank was more than proud of the impact he had on individuals and the community at large, but you would never hear of him bragging or taking credit for his efforts. His time was spent helping others because it honestly made him happy to see others overcome obstacles and achieve their fullest potential. Many people do not even know about the things Frank did out of the spotlight, on his own time; things that seem simple, but have a huge impact on the lives of others. He would often visit nursing home patients for hours at a time because they had no other family or friends to sit with them, and he knew he could help brighten their day just by talking with them. He would wake up before sunrise to drive recovering addicts to rehabilitation facilities because they had no other way to get there, and their recovery was that important to him. He bought groceries and school supplies for children and families with his own money, never expecting anything in return, because he knew that although they would never ask, they needed the help. He continuously and without hesitation put his good name and reputation on the line for kids and adults that made mistakes because he wanted to make sure they were given another chance. The personal stories are endless…


Frank may have never truly realized what an enormous impact he had on the lives of others, but he knew that his dedication to the community was important because so many people had come to rely on him. His family knew that his work had to continue, so the Frank A. Pinto Foundation was formed in his honor to serve the community just as he did and continue to help those in need. Some of the Foundation’s goals are:

• To assist underprivileged children and families in need; food baskets, baby items, clothing drives, etc.
• To help victims of drug & alcohol addiction and their families by supporting their rehabilitation

• To contribute to community and local events 
• To assist families affected by natural or other disasters


With your support, we can keep Frank’s legacy alive and can continue to support the individuals and families he helped. Thank you in advance for your support in helping us to continue Frank’s Circle of Giving.

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